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Living Life in the Shadows


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Category Rogues (37)
Topic Locksmithing and Traps (7)
On Jul 23, 2002 at 00:42
Subject Lockpicking modifications (9492)


I realize this is out of the order I said I was going in for HSN stuff, but I thought I'd go ahead and toss this out, since at least one other thing is going to be out of order as well, and this was ready.

I made some changes to lockpicking breakage over the weekend, making it more difficult for most of you to outright snap a pick. It's now based heavily on your skill, i.e. the more skill you have past a certain point, the less likely you are to break a pick. Those who are not past that certain point will have no worse chance of breakage than they always did, but no better either. The point at which you have an improved chance to keep your pick is relatively low.

What this will hopefully lead to is lockpicks degrading over time, becoming more likely to snap if they are not maintained. However, currently, a lockpick's condition doesn't make it more likely to snap; I opted to leave that out until lock mastery goes in and you can repair your own.

I'll be watching over the next few weeks to see whether this is sufficient or not; I'm obviously not done fooling with it, so please provide whatever feedback you like!


[pick my coffer with my lockpick]

You settle into the difficult task of picking the lock.
You make an excellent attempt (d100=94).
You struggle with the coffer. As you do, you get a sense that the coffer
has an incredibly intricate lock (-745 thief-lingo difficulty ranking).
Then...CLICK! It opens!
Roundtime: 20 sec.

The Numbers

Max lock without lore:
(Skill + WI Bonus) * lockpick mod (Round down to nearest 5)

Max Lock With spell 403:
(Skill + WI Bonus + ((Level/2 + Skill/10 + Dex Bonus/4 + Wis Bonus/4)rounded down to nearest 1)) * pick mod (Down to nearest 5)

Max trap without lore:
(Skill + WI Bonus) (Rounded down to nearest 5)

Max trap with spell 404:
(Skill + WI Bonus + (Level/2 + Skill/10 + Ref Bonus/4 + Dis Bonus/4)) (Down to nearest 5)

Read=  4*Lockpick Modifier/cumulative 


The right tool for the job.


Style Modifier Price Ranks Strength Quality

Vaalin 2.50 125,000 50 Incredible Superb

Golvern 2.30 95,000 40 Highest Superb

Invar 2.25 75,000 35 Incredible Superb

Kelyn 2.40 62,000 30 Excellent Superb

Veniom 2.20 50,000 25 Excellent Superb

Rolaren 1.90 36,000 20 Very Strong Professional

Vultite 1.80 30,000 20 Average Professional

Alum 2.30 23,000 16 Very Weak Professional

Laje 1.75 17,000 12 Average Good

Glaes 1.60 9,500 8 Incredible Good

Mithril 1.45 6,000 5 Very Strong Good

Ora 1.55 5,000 5 Strong Good

Silver 1.30 2,500 3 Average Common

Gold 1.20 2,000 3 Weak Common

Ivory 1.20 750 1 Above Average Common

Steel 1.10 500 1 Average Common

Brass 1.0 250 0 Very Weak Crude

Copper 1.0 100 0 Poor Crude

Ranks are the number of ranks needed to use the lockpick to the best of it's ability. The rest is pretty self-explainatory. Also, you need 30 ranks in the lockpicking skill before you start learning well from picking locks. You'll earn 20 exp before you obtain the 30 ranks.