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Living Life in the Shadows


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Tolli's disclaimer - Don't shoot the messenger.

1) What are the particulars on the NPC shop limitations?

A. Padding/weighting/critting do not make an item ineligible for repairs. The magnitude of such attributes may render them ineligible. We will not post exact valuations for eligibility. When the system is released, ASK the repair NPC for an assessment on the item.

2) How does the NPC shop treat sanctified weapons? Are they ineligible?

A. Sanctified weapons, so long as they fall under the enchant limitation (5x and below) are eligible for repair at the NPC run shop. Perma-blessed weapons are not eligible.

3) Will there be any sort of feature at the NPC repair shop (or other NPC shop) to allow reduction of an item's properties so that the NPC repairer will deal with them?

A. No. A GM run merchant will likely be the sole avenue to alter item attributes.

4) What factors into repair and how much (approximately) does each factor count?

A. This is not something that is being revealed at this time.

5) Responses to the many posts asking for the logic and reasoning behind the decision to re-implement breakage.

A. Any design questions regarding why a breakage system is being implemented is outlined in the FAQ initial paragraphs. (or in subsequent posts by staff trying to answer such questions!)

6) Will critter items gen with random integrity %s or will they all be "like new"?

A. Critter items may or may not gen with random integrity. That is up to the individual critter designers. - It is however, unlikely that this change will occur in the near future.

7) What is the reasoning for the uniform ST of armors within one subgroup and the staggered DU's of armors in those subgroups?

A. It was a design decision that is as intended.

8) What are we doing about items that still do not show ST/DU values (such as specially scripted items, god auctioned, etc)?

A. We need to look at these items up close and personally so we can modify the scripts that they employ. Assists/referals on these items are fine, so that we can get the info. Also, posting those items on the boards is still a good way of letting us know that the problem still needs to be addressed.

9) Why are bows/crossbows subject to breakage?

A. When held in the left hand, bows and crossbows are not subject to clashes.

10) Will a bard's instrument be subject to clashes if being played during combat?

A. Bard instruments are not classified as weapons/armor/shield so they will not be subject to breakage rolls.

11) Will the clash numbers be shown again?

A. Yes, when the system goes live.

12) Will there be a way to find the breakage numbers on the "crumbly" creature equipment?

A. Look at the item when it drops on the ground (or when it's held by a dead creature) or look at the breakage messaging portion of the breakage rolls when the system is live.

13) How are we dealing with items that are not receiving the proper ST/DU metal adders because they have been altered and no longer show their material?

A. We are currently working on a way to deal with some situations. Even when a solution is reached, it is possible that some items will circumvent the solution and will need to be dealt with one by one via assist/refer and a GM manually adjusting the values.

14) It has been stated that the NPC shops will have limits on what they can fix. Is that limit for ALL kinds of repairs, both CF and degradation, or only CF repairs?

A. The limitation applies to all repairs, CF or integrity.

15) Will the auto-repair shops open before breakage is live so that players can check to see if their items are eligible for autorepair and how much it would cost to repair?

A. Yes, the shops will open before breakage goes live so you can ASK the NPC about repairing your items.

16) Will there be a limit on how many times a character or account can patronize a live GM-run repairer merchant imposed?

A. No.

17. Are the weapon values going to be adjusted like the armor and shield ones have?

A. Weapon values have been changing, when appropriate, along with armor. Currently, only 0/0 weapons or weapons that do not display any breakage stats are clearly still in need of further adjustment.

18) Why is FIXing my item that's at 99.99% integrity actually DECREASING the ST/DU of that item?

A. It's a bug with FIX that will be eliminated when the FIX verb is removed.

19) Can ST/DU numbers and integrity % message be moved to the end of shows for items that have shows?

A. We will take it under advisement.

20) Are claidhmores able to be repaired by the NPC shop despite their natural heavy weighting?

A. Yes.

21) Are magical claidhmores eligible for NPC shop repair?

A. No.

22) Will the NPC shop be able to deal with bastard swords?

A. Yes.

23) For the open d100 roll is it 96 and up, or 95 and up that reroll?

A. All rolls greater than or equal to 96 reroll and add.

24) Can we get some sort of official statement of the -goals- of breakage?

A. This information is outlined within the breakage FAQ and has been further outlined on the message boards already.

25) How can we see the ST/DU of the items of the critters we're fighting?

A. LOOK at them - you can see them even while the creature is still alive.

For example:

look witch (it's still alive and uninjured)

You see a fairly typical Vvrael witch.
It appears to be in good shape.
It has some flowing midnight-black robes (worn), a midnight black ora choker (worn) and a midnight black spiked whip.

look robe on witch

Careful examination indicates the midnight-black robes has a strength of 10 and a durability of 230. You also determine the current state of the midnight-black robes to be at 99.99% integrity.
You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's mark. (too bad we can't pick those up!!)

look choker on witch

Careful examination indicates the black ora choker has a strength of 55 and a durability of 450. You also determine the current state of the black ora choker to be at 99.99% integrity.
You see nothing unusual.

look whip on witch

Careful examination indicates the black spiked whip has a strength of 10 and a durability of 75. You determine the current state of the black spiked whip to be at 100% integrity.
You see nothing unusual, except for a small enchanter's mark.

26) Will armor accessories be fixable by the NPC? (ie. helms, greaves, aventails)

A. Yes.

27) Will boots now count as armor AND be subject to clashes? Many people are worried since they now display ST/DU numbers.

A. Anything that displays a ST/DU number are subject to breakage. This includes boots, cloaks, greaves, helms, aventails etc.

28) How will breakage deal with the "assumed armor coverage" of higher armor class armors? For example, if I'm wearing a metal breastplate, the system assumes that my head, arms and legs are covered with hauberk. If I wear greaves with my metal breastplate, will the greaves be subject to the clashes that hit the arms or will the breastplate because of the "assumed" chain class coverage?

A. For partial armor coverage, an armor piece in the location not covered by the main armor will take precedent over the main armor in regards to breakage assessment.

29) A little more information on how they will work/how well they will work?

A. The repair kits are items that you buy and then apply to the item you wish to fix. The subsequent messaging will identify the relative success of the repair attempt.

30) Will an item (assuming it is repairable) always be able to be repaired to its fullest, original strength and durablity stats?

A. STR/DU are not affected by repair. Repair affects INTEGRITY of an item. Integrity is the modifier used by breakage to assess STR/DU of an item.

*Tolli's note: I believe that it is always potentially possible to repair an item to 99.99% of integrity. I just don't know how likely that possibility is :)

31) Will an altered item count as something that only a special merchant can repair, or will it only count as a special merchant repair item if the bonus is more than +25?

A. Cosmetic alteration should not affect an item's eligibility for NPC repair.

32) Will the numbers in the breakage system be replaced by descriptive words?

A. No, the numbers will stay in place.

33) Will items with ICE words in them be fixable at the automated shop? If so, will the automated shop replace the ICE words with the new equivalents?

A. Yes, items with ICE words will be fixable at the NPC shops. Only if a GM touches the item will it be modified to conform to ICE copyright rules. The automated system is not a GM.

34) What is the cost of the automerchant?

A. Variable depending on item attributes.

35) Will scripts like the "zest" script make an item ineligible for NPC repair?

A. No, "zested" items will still be eligible for NPC repair as long as their other attributes fall within the limitations of the NPC shops.

36) How should players handle any remaining clearly incorrect items? For instance those items that still have 0/0, 1/1, 2/900 breakage?

A. Assist when breakage goes live if they still exhibit these problems, or follow directions given out in the future via news or the message boards giving directions on how to handle these items.

37) Have the affects of breakage on polearm weapons in particular been considered?

A. Yes. The values are appropriate given the new armor ST/DU valuations on armor.