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Living Life in the Shadows


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Is Elanthia giving you the blues?

A Few more tips fer having fun.

Open yer eyes. Look at stuff. Study the town not just the park and the square. There are so many things to see. Hidden rooms, secret passages, places to climb, the list is endless. Study the forest or the area you hunt. Look on stuff, under stuff, and so on. I put a box full of coins and gems and few other items on top of a piece of furniture in a well hunted area and went back six months later it was still sitting there. My Brother once said jokingly that if he ever decided to leave the lands he was going to place his stuff there so if decided to come back he could retrieve it.

Everything in the lands has a use. I'd swear to it. I havent figured them all out but that is the beauty of Gemstone III. When someone tells you smooth stones are useless. Laugh at them, because they do have a use.

STAY IN CHARACTER. If you must leave character, go somewhere private. PLEASE!

Take a break from hunting at least every five levels. Take a couple days or a week and wander around town talking to people or looking at things. Go out into the wilds and get lost. Or travel somewhere youve never been. Go to a shrine and pray or something. Go on skinning trip. Have fun.

Make friends. This is very important. Or even better join a family or make a family. Without family and friends you are a lost soul in my opinion.

If you are caught stealing wait for a reaction from the mark and role-play it out. You might end up dead or in jail. But you did choose to be a thief.

Hunt what you have fun hunting. This isn't a race to see who can level the fastest. If you need to be so spelled up that you glow, then you shouldn't be hunting it, I say.


Look at your kills. A gruesome site, really.

Study your prey. Try to ambush someplace other than the head. Every creature has a certain weakness. Some hurt more being hit in the back. Experiment.

Do not give away game secrets or solve puzzles for others. Sure give them a little nudge.

I never really understood why people always want others to swing at them in the park or the square. Step outside the blasted West gate. A Rolton or a Kobold will be along shortly. Worried about the five silvers. You are a thief, so take it or just sneak through the gate.

Worried about money. Dont! Youre a Rogue. I made over a million coins in six months. I owed it all in debts from being a warrior for so long, but another million will come along.

Kneel when picking a box and try to disarm it three times. Traditions are nice.

Don't open boxes in the Square. Yeah, I know the nasty traps are gone for now, but have a little respect for the past and elder Rogues that lived in that past.

Just have fun.

Living life in the shadows and loving every minute of it.