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Living Life in the Shadows
Roleplaying a thief.


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Stealing mechanic's are going to change in the Very near future!

People have commented on my mysterious nature. I guess mischievious and mysteriousness can have some resemblance. Anyway some examples of how I live life in the lands. First off I'm a thief (or rogue if you like that term), I generally dress as another profession and let others make their on assumptions to my profession. You'll never see me in public and if so only for a split second then into the shadows I'll go. I am only unhidden if I am in a dark alley, a dirty warehouse, or in some dark corner of town with the exception of the tavern of course (which I rarely ever leave without being in some type of altercation). If for some reason I have to be in the open I'll always be looking over my shoulder.

If you are a magic user and care to speak to me you will get no consideration until worthy. To my CHARACTER magic users are the fungi that grows under those rocks up there in Slither Creek. I will leave the magic user with a curse (as in gypsy type curse) I've written just for them. (Priests and healers are keepers of life, not magic users). Scouts? Well they're just lost. ::Smile::

I'll get masse spells from the shadows I wouldnt dare let the caster know he has done me a favor. The true magic is granted only to the members of the Council.

I'm trying to get totally away from common talk. The majority of my friends are members of the council so I love to use the signal. If you cant talk elven, guild, or signal then you're out of luck. I do speak common if I must. Dont care for it, but sometimes theres no other way.

If I find you dead and you are not of elven kin I'll shove a flask in your mouth and do whatever to save you carcass. But you will hear about it and be told about the shadow of death that now follows you.

If I want to carry on a conversation with someone in the square or in a place I deem too public I'll stalk them and whisper. If they'd like to see me out of the shadows then I ask them to take a walk to someplace private.

I try to make up tales of spirits, apparitions and things of a darker nature to tell strangers or friends.

And I, like most of us do, slip up quite often. For many years I was one of those "DS check please" people screaming in town square. It takes a lot of effort to be a role-player with all of the non role-playing going on around you.

For those that want to be evil. Being evil toward everyone, Id say that would be a difficult task. Pick a certain class to start with. Like magic users. ::wink::

Words of Wisdom from a Thief.
Well first off Being a Thief is an art form. So try to treat it as such.

I think the most important thing you can learn about being a thief is to study your mark. It can take me anywhere from five minutes up to thirty minutes to make my move. Look at them, listen to them, study them and then decide whether or not to reach into their containers and remove their gems or coins.

If caught. Dont run immediately. Have a little interaction with your mark. This can be done from hiding if you cant look them in the eye. Role-play it out or at least try. You could end up in jail or dead, but you did choose to be a thief, right?

Carry herbs. When that big warrior takes off your hand your going to need them.

Study your town. Every good thief knows of his best escape routes and a good place to hide out when he must run.

Blend into a crowd. Now think about it. What fool would walk up to lone person or an adventurer standing in an open field swinging a big chunk of steel and try to reach into their pockets. ::shrug:: Not I.

Stealing from hiding is not a practice I would recommend.

Get some backroom access to a few shops around town. Many a thief aid if you know how to use them. But you'll figure it out as the years go by.

Don't pick on the young. If you're on your tenth training there is no reason for you to be stealing down in the Kobold Village. Its a good way to get a bunch of us thieves after your hide. Makes us all look bad you see.

Don't steal when wounded. Now who would go around reaching into people's pockets with a hole in their chest?

Do not steal in the East tower or in the Guild. Believe me you don't want to make ememies of fellow Rogues.


I'm going to repeat myself again because this is very important. Study your mark! Don't play hit and run. This is when you reach into everyones pockets that enters the room without even looking at them or reach into their pockets and run. I state this for two reasons. One, It makes us respectable thieves look bad. ::smirk:: And two, If you reach into the wrong persons pocket they may hunt you down like a pack of wolves til you can run no more.

Be polite and know what you're going to say if caught. Often a quick tongue will get you out of trouble.

Stay calm and do everything within your power to avoid combat with other adventurers.

Be alert to your surroundings. Highlight the Constable and the phrase, "You suddenly have the strangest feeling you are being watched." This simple phrase is a thief's worse enemy. So be quick on your toes and hide!

Travel light. It's hard to slip into the shadows and stay out of sight when all that extra equipment is clanking about. Also helps in getting dressed quickly after you have served your time.

Don't trust the animals that wander about the streets of the city. Never know whos pet it might be.

And NEVER log out of the game if you're caught stealing!

More to come, but I must be off. The Constable just arrived!


You blend into the shadows and are confindent no one saw you do so.