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Living Life in the Shadows
Survival Kit


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Beware the Darkness.

This is my survival kit for my Thief. I will not list all the uses for these items. I may even omit complete titles of an item if I consider it a game secret. Just study and treat the skill as an art form and you'll learn the secrets of the trade on your own as time goes by.

An extra weapon. Feras is a nice choice.

A Gold ring set to a remote place.

A crude lock pick

A Glyph trapped box  (This could prove dangerous, now-a-days)

A blue crystal for that extra strength if ever you need to strike back.

Some Waxy leaf
Darkness and spirit fog items (I feel these will be very handy in the future).

Herbs, especially some Solyvn Clove and Cothifer Flower. The clove fer when your hand has been cut off and the flower fer the blood loss.

An Unpresense amulet

A pure potion

Backroom access to most shops in the Landing and other town shops would be useful (To change someday)

A Call wind Amulet

A oaken wand

A glass amulet

A secret hiding place and a crystal amulet to monitor yer pursuers. Also a call familiar amulet can be useful for watching those after you while in hiding

Friends are a good choice
More later. But I really must hide!