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Living Life in the Shadows
Races & the Rogue


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Positives and Negatives for each race.

I threw this together in about a minute... Updates will be along shortly, maybe...
No halflings were harmed in my research...


Giant man: Strong, slow as molasses, about as smart as a box of rocks, can carry a lot worthless junk, makes a good locker character.


Dwarf: Smelly, hairy, your best chance for a date is another Dwarf, and this is still very unlikely.


Sylvankind: Positives-You can tell people you're a Wood Elf. And you can be more like God, Thx.

Negatives-And you can be more like God, thx.


Half-Elf: Now we're talking God status, but I'm partial.


Halfling: WHY?


Elf: Good for Role-play and easier to be sent to Ta'Vaalor upon re-roll.

Negatives- You're a geek.


Dark-Elf: Who are you trying Impress?


Human: You're Human, so why in the hell would you want to play one in a fantasy game.