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Living Life in the Shadows
Escape and Evasion


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You wave a bag of silver dust, releasing a shower of glittering
powder that sparkles as it drifts slowly to the ground and vanishes.
The diversion allows you to slip into hiding unnoticed.

There is going to come a time in your career as a thief when you must run from a mark or from a group of angry citizens that hang thieves from the city gates. So this guide is being written as a training guide in the art of escape.

First off, find yourself a special container for putting only the items you use while practicing the trade of thievery. I personally carry mine in a tool belt. Makes sense to me. I'll call it the thief's kit. Nothing more dangerous than rummaging through sack after sack trying find an item you were in dire need of thirty seconds ago.
Now there's a very important item which is easily found you'll need, the gold ring. You need to find a little known or rarely visited spot and set the ring to that location, so if you are caught stealing and things are getting ugly you can just teleport to your hiding spot. Hide immediately when you reach this spot and set the ring again. Theres nothing like forgetting to set the ring and pop right back into the lion's lair. Personally I carry two rings and have the other one set to another secret spot just in case you were spotted or located. Because your mark could be thinking on the amulet trying to seek you out and many citizens will assist the mark in finding a thief.

Once you are hidden rub your amulet (or the sign, which keeps you hidden) and listen for anyone that is looking for you. Also you should have the name of the Constable and the locate phrase highlighted in big red letters. The locate spell is the thieves worst enemy. Also the Constable is sometimes slow, so if you are swift enough you'll be in the shadows before he notices you. I personally started to hide from the law every time I saw them wander in, whether I was wanted or not, now I do it without even thinking. Two other items to aid in your escape is a glass amulet and an unpresence item. Nothing like being invisible and following around a mob of lynch men as they are looking for you.

The Chase

So you've have been cornered or surrounded and your captors are demanding their coins back. This is a funny trick I like to use. Drop a few coins. This gives you that split second to run while theyre counting them or bending over to picking them up or someone else grabs them. In the last instance, just say so and so has your five hundred coins. People go after coins quicker than a zombie after flesh.

Get a call familiar item and use the animal to watch and listen to those after you. Many marks will use a pet to track you down. They are fast and very hard to hide from. This is where your speed and knowledge of the streets will come into play.
As mentioned above, the use of unpresence and the glass amulet can aid you in this escape.

If you are running with a group of thieves always have a rally point to meet up if you get separated and also a backup rally point in case someone is followed or located. Another thing is to use hand signals if one of your gang has been spotted or you see them reach into a marks pocket. If you saw it chances are someone else did also. I like the use of tap my hat. Its quicker than whispering.


Practice the art of hiding till it becomes second nature. Ever wonder why those warriors are always practicing with their weapons. So it'll become instinctual and an automatic reflex in battle. The same applies to us thieves. A few training options I adhere to. The first one is basically just a game of hide-n-seek. Get some friends together. Most of my friends are thieves so this is a bonus. Then find a large building, I prefer the museum or the graveyard. So, one person hides and the others seek you out. Now when they spot you in the shadows or see you lurking about the game is not over. They must knock you down or hit you. Sweeping works good for this or the fist, or my favorite is hitting each other with wooden sticks. Not enough damage done to hurt each other much. Now the reason for this game is to simulate the chase and eventually it will happen. And your enemy will be swinging more than fists and sticks, but the more you practice this, the better the chances of eliminating a brain cramp in a real chase. It will become instinctual.

Another one is running from one end of town to the other end or from one hiding place to another as fast as you can. This helps you from getting lost, confused, or running into a dead end. Also know the town inside and out. That split second saved could be the difference between life and death.

Always have several different routes around town. Never travel the same way to and from areas. And vary your routine when traveling about. The shadows have eyes, ears, and friends of your enemies.

Practice stalking around town till you can do it without slipping out of the shadows and make notes of who and what profession spotted you lurking about. And who has spotted you slipping into hiding. This is good for getting to know your limitations and strengths. There will come a time when you will rarely been seen.

A few extra thoughts.

Find a good Scout or Tracker and watch them and study their actions. Trackers can be very dangerous for a thief. And many of their abilities can be of great aid to a career thief if you learn to use them to your advantage.

Travel light. You'll need to be quick on your feet. Agility and reflexes are your ally. There are many places in the lands and the towns to aid in your escape. Ladders, ropes, windows, sides of buildings and so on. It's hard to leap from rooftop to rooftop while carrying a hundred pounds of extra weight. On this same note, what happens if you slip or get knocked down by your mark, and it takes you an eternity to climb back to your feet. You are caught is what! Swiftness, knowledge of the streets, and speed will be your survival.

Stash some food and water around town. You might have to hide out for more than a few days and the Grocery is in the heart of the city. Also rotate the places where you sleep, eat, and hunt. As mentioned before, DO NOT set a routine. It's simple to find someone when you can anticipate their next move. There is nothing in the hub of the city that can't be found elsewhere. I'll give you small example. You've just made several thousand silvers from one way or another. Where would one look for you to go next? The bank. The key for you is to think like a thief. There is other places to deposit your silvers and also some young elves that'll deposit the coins for you, if you'll pay them a small fee.

The thing about being a thief is you never know when or if an enemy will seek revenge. So here are a few extra points. Dont sleep in the open. Stay hidden in public places. Highlight the names of your enemies. Dont sit with your back to the door. Dont frequent areas where you cant hide. And always fear, "You suddenly have the strangest feeling you are being watched."