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Living Life in the Shadows
Scarabs 151


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From what I have heard, the most frequently asked question by a young Locksmith is: How do I go about disarming the Scarab once the bug is off the box and lying on the ground?

Well have a seat and I'll show you, then Ill explain a bit more.

You remove a sturdy tanik trunk from in your spidersilk cloak.

[disarm my trunk]

You carefully begin to examine the trunk for traps...

Peering closely into the lock, you spy a miniature sky blue glaes scarab wedged into the lock mechanism. The scarab's surface is etched with tiny runes that seem to writhe as the light strikes them.

It looks like a difficult trap (about -170).

You still have a good enough picture of the trap in your mind, that you could try to disarm it.

Roundtime: 22 sec.

[disarm my trunk]

Having discovered a trap on the trunk you begin to carefully attempt to disarm it...

You carefully nudge the scarab free of its prison without disturbing the lock too much. The scarab falls from the lock and onto the ground in front of you.

Roundtime: 35 sec.

You put a sturdy tanik trunk in your spidersilk cloak.

[disarm scarab]

You carefully begin to examine the scarab for traps...

Knowing how delicate magical runes can be, you carefully scrape a few extra lines into the markings hoping to alter their meaning and defeat the spell they may hold. You wonder if you were successful.

[get scarab]

You pick up a sky blue glaes scarab.

[put scarab in my cloak]

You put a sky blue glaes scarab in your spidersilk cloak.
[get trunk from my cloak]

You remove a sturdy tanik trunk from in your spidersilk cloak.

[disarm my trunk]

You carefully begin to examine the trunk for traps...

The lock appears to be free of all obstructions.

As simple as that.

The general consensus (for Rogues) is that if you have a combined Disarming traps skill, plus your Wisdom bonus of 151 or higher, then you can safely disarm a Scarab once its on the ground. I agree. Just make sure your hands are not wounded.

The reason why I put the box away and disarmed the scarab (or made it safe) before I opened the box was that Scarabs do come alive and bite you all on their own. Its rare, but does happen.

Now when you first start working with Scarabs I would recommend staying near the Town Square (or a healer) and have some Acantha leaf or Cothinar flower readily available. If you set the Scarab off or fail in the disarming youll have a nasty poison or disease. And blood recovery and speed will save your life. And of course there are other items within the lands that can save your life, but many adventurers dont have those items at their disposal.

There are also many other ways to make a Scarab safe, but it would be in my best interest to keep those to myself.

Take care,
~Armic Greylant