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Living Life in the Shadows
Rogue Training


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Here's my opinion on training a Thief/Locksmith...

Beware of the shadows, I say!

Fear is the thief of dreams.

Updated, July 31st, 2002

Anyway Im sure you want to receive a little knowledge on how to train. What follows is the way I trained. If you're looking to be that Warrior type Rogue then you might want to look elsewhere. I played a Warrior for four years. I have met many of Rogues that are only in it for the ambush. All I say to that is...Bah!!! But the beauty of this profession is there are many paths for you to travel. I will not go into stats. There are many of tomes out there for that. I will not go into every little thing to train in either. Just what I think a Rogue should train in for sure, I'll call them the core skills. The following are MY OPINIONS only.

Armor: At least once a training. Twice would be nice.
Actually if I had to do it all over again, I would have double trained in Armor from birth.
It would have been easier to be in Metal breastplate by fifty, instead of my Sixty-seventh training. But hey Im not complaining.

Edged weapons: Twice or your weapon of choice. Edged are cheap to train in and easy to come by. Blunt weapons are nice also, just not as easy to find a nice blunt weapon.

Shield: Twice. Many different opinions on Shield training, but hey, I'm stubborn. You choose. Actually you only need to single train in shield use. I considered singling many of times, but I have the points and it helps my redux and someday a GM will fix shield use, Im sure.

Combat maneuvers: At least once. Two times is just too expensive for my blood.
I would never recommend doubling in this skill. The cost is just too high. 8/10. Think about it over fifty trainings. 400 Physical points and 500 Mental points for 25 extra AS. Just not worth it in my opinion.

Climbing: once. Just love to jump over things with grace. Good cheap redux skill

Swimming: once or half. Hate water anyway. Another cheap redux skill.

Picking locks: Three times. If you want to be the best at picking locks always triple.

Disarm: Three times or close. Actually I would say double training is fine in this skill, especially if youre going to learn the spell 404. I started doubling in this skill around my thirty-fifth training to save up for the spells 403 & 404.

Perception: Three times. Twice is fine enough though. I just like to be totally aware of my surroundings. It's amazing the things you'll see as you age. At Thirty-five trainings I dropped to double training to save for spells.

Stalking & Hiding: Three times. The shadows are your ally. Even though I would encourage you too always triple train, doubling seems to be the norm. I doubled for fifteen levels to save points for the spell 403. Now Im back to triple training once again. Just get as many ranks as possible. Changes are coming.

Ambush: Twice. This is your most deadly weapon. Never miss training in this skill!

Picking pockets: Twice. I assume someday, stealing will be reworked and you dont want to get caught with your pants down.
Physical Training: Once. I would recommend training to a skill of 141(41ranks) for the extra Hp recovery. Cheap redux skill.

First Aid: Once or when possible. I trained till I had 20 ranks. Its really up to you. You can make a killing on skins. And I cant skin worth a hoot. So its really a personal choice. **Update**(Actually first aid now affects Roundtime for healing yourself with herbs)
Brawling: Once or when possible. Comes in handy when dragging a corpse about.

Multi-Opponent Combat: I consider this mostly a fun skill for a Rogue. If you have the Extra training points five ranks should surfice, so you'll be able to hit two targets in the same room once. Things do change though and the skill may have other uses in the future, but the training cost(10/3) is still to much, in my opinion for a Rogue.

Mana Share: Train in this skill when you have extra points. I feel that this a good skill to have some ranks in for sending mana to Priests and Healers, or for spells if you wish. Personally I didn't have the extra points/or desire until my mid-Thirties. How many ranks should you get is up to you. 30 skill is good enough.
Scroll Reading: 10 ranks is nice. You can invoke up to a tenth level spell. 24 ranks for up to a 20th level spell. It's skill divided by 5.
Magic Item use: Is slated for change. Hinted that you'll need MIU to use some magical items. I'll get five ranks for now.

Extra fun skills: As the points present themselves.

Now this training pattern will make a totally playable Rogue and did I mention I'm a thief.

Observation and a change of heart: Well for the most part I've always been against spell training for a Rogue (even more so after the hindrance changes as of July 25, 2000). But as I've aged and grown to love the art of Locksmithing, I started to notice that around thirty-five trainings of lockpicking I was having a few problems with SOME (Not many) of the boxes customers were bringing me.. So if I can manage at some point WITHOUT SACRIFICING my core skills I may study a bit of magick til I have the enhancements in which I need to leave no lock unlocked. Anyway I'm NOT saying these spells are a must, just that I myself can't stand to leave a box unopened. ::Grin::

Well now that I have spells. I love them. I spend most of my time opening boxes. And 403 is a great spell for a Locksmith. Spells Id recommend for a rogue with little effect on your redux would be 101-103 & 401-404, and possibly 406.

Elanthia is full of mysteries and changes. Everyday is another learning experience, so I'll continue to update this page as I gain more knowledge. Good day.

(T) is the number of times you can train in a skill per level. Then the First two numbers (Physical/Mentalare the initial or first training cost. Then the number Doubles and then Quadruples. Resulting in the total numbers of Training points spent. So it's cost for single training, double training, and triple training where applicable.

(T)  Skill Training Costs
(2) Two Weapon Combat 5/3 *15/9                                             
(2) Armor Use 3/0 * 9/0
(2) Shield Use 3/0 * 9/0
(2) Combat Maneuvers 4/5 * 8/10
(2) Edged Weapons 3/1 * 9/3
(2) Blunt Weapons 3/1 * 9/3
(2) Two-Handed Weapons 8/2
(2) Ranged Weapons 5/1 * 15/3
(2) Thrown Weapons 4/1 * 12/3
(2) Polearm Weapons 11/2
(2) Climbing 2/1 * 6/3
(2) Swimming 2/0 * 6/0
(2) Multi-Opponent Combat 10/3
(3) Disarming Traps 1/1 * 3/3 * 7/7
(3) Picking Locks 1/1 * 3/3 * 7/7
(3) Stalking & Hiding 1/1 * 3/3 * 7/7
(3) Perception 0/1 * 0/3 * 0/7
(1) Spell Research 0/80
(1) Scroll Reading 0/6
(1) Magic Item Use 0/7
(1) Mana Sharing 0/25
(1) Spell Aiming 4/22
(2) Ambush 1/2 * 3/6
(2) Physical Training 3/0 * 9/0
(2) First Aid 1/3 * 3/9
(2) Trading 0/3 * 0/9
(2) Picking Pockets 1/0 * 3/0
(2) Brawling 3/2 * 9/6

Diminishing returns


1-10.......... +5........... +0--+50
11-20........ +4...........+50--+90
21-30........ +3...........+90--+120
31-40........ +2...........+120--+140
40+........... +1...........+140 on