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Category  Rogues (37)
Topic  Pickpocketing (6)
On  May 29, 2002 at 02:23
Subject  Crosspost from Plat boards (8075)

Figured y'all might be interested in this.


 Category General Discussions (1)
 Topic Discussions with Simutronics (2)
 On May 29, 2002 at 02:19
 Message Re: Thieves (22530)

I realize that this is a subject that people on both sides of the fence are very passionate about, and I'm not going to have the audacity to say "There's no point in discussing this until the revision goes through" because, as mentioned, I'm happily collecting ideas (and have even gotten one from this thread).

I will, however, give you a very vague idea of what to expect.

A well-trained thief who is smart, considers his surroundings and marks, and preys on the unaware, is going to have a field day.

A well-trained thief who just carelessly attempts to dip into any pocket in view is going to be caught, many times, and punished until they are reduced to begging for crusts of bread instead.


A mark who pays attention to the surroundings is going to have much more success in retaining their loot, but not without some measure of preventative training. Unlike what you're used to, however, that training will be useful.

A mark who neglects all training, or worse yet sleeps in the middle of a park, might as well be holding up a sign which reads "Take my silvers, paint my face with lip gloss, and while you're at it, date my wife".



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