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Living Life in the Shadows
Call a Doctor


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It's not a top priority, but I'll post foragable locations (especially for the Elven Nations) in the future. Be well.

Common Herbs

What does the Herb/Potion cure or heal

Acantha Leaf

Restores a bit of blood

Aloeas Stem

Lacerations and bleeding from the head or neck. And concussions.

Ambrominias Leaf

Cut and bruised arm, hand, and leg.

Basal Moss

Cut and bruised chest, back, abdomen, and bruised eye.

Bolmara Potion

Sporadic convulsions.

Brostheras Potion

Old neck wounds. Multiple scars and serious mutilation of the head or neck.

Bur-Clover Potion

Missing eye.

Cactacae Spine

Old scars on the arm, hand, and leg.

Calamia Fruit

Mangled arms, legs, and hands.

Ephlox Moss

Fractured and bleeding arm, leg, or hand.

Haphip Root

Facial scar.

Pothinir Grass

Blinded eye. Deep lacerations/lacerations and bleeding from the chest, back, abdomen. And swollen eye.

Rose-Marrow Potion

Cut and bruised head or neck.

Talneo Potion

Black & Blue eye. Old battle scars on chest, back, and abdomen.

Pulsating Firethorns


Torban Leaf

Slurred speech

Soyvn Clove

Restores Missing leg, arm, or hand. A thiefs friend.

Wolifrew Lichen

Muscle twitching and nervous twitching.

Woth Flower

Constant muscle spasms and restores muscle control.

Cothinir Flower

Restores more blood than Acanhta leaf

Wingstem Potion

Severe bruised and swollen eye. Painful looking scars and serious mutilation of the chest, back, and abdomen.